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Streaming Sermon feature Available to Monthly Donors

We are very excited to tell you all about the "Streaming Sermon" feature of the website.  This feature is a thank you to our monthly donors, and allows them to listen to any of our nearly 1100 messages, at any time, day or night, streaming.  This can be through a computer, or many "smart phones" (currently iPhone and some Android, wider Android compatibility is in the works).


You only need be a monthly donor, register on our website, and let us know via email or by phone that you are signed up on the site and want the feature.  We will then turn it on for you on our end, and away you go!


There is no set donation requirement as far as amount, we just ask that you prayerfully consider and do what's on your heart.  Also, you do not have to donate via the website - maybe you already support us by check, for example.  That's perfectly fine, but you will still have to register on the website to be granted access.  This requires no financial information, merely information we already have on file for all donors in order to send end of the year tax letters.


Also, some of those who don't want to take the time to donate monthly have simply given a one time donation for a given period of time.  For example, some have said "I want to make a one time, $360 donation, which is $30 a month for the next year", and then have access for a year.  Honestly, we just appreciate anyone who partners with us.  It is those of you who do who allow the program, the website, and the ministry, to continue.


If are a current monthly donor and want access, please let me know via email ( or by phone (503-626-0101).  First, however, make sure you register on the site.  You can do this selecting "sermon login" in the white quick links box located in the upper right hand corner of the page, and then clicking on "new members sign up here".  If you have EVER donated or ordered anything through the website, you have a password and are already registered..  simply call or email us and we'll turn on the feature for you.

If you want to make use of this feature on a "smart phone", and want to test compatibility with your particular phone, you can test it by trying to listen to our free daily sermon.

1) Go to our website on your phone

2) Click on "listen to today's broadcast" on the home page, and follow the prompts to start the streaming sermon.

If the message plays for you, then your phone is compatible, and you can listen to any of the streaming sermons.  If it does NOT work on your phone, please give us a call and let me know what phone youre using (including operating system), and I will let you know when we have compatibility.


Thank you again, so much, and Lord bless!

Ron Jr

Director, Compassion Ministries / Heart of the Word Radio