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We don't do "events" very often - in fact on average we seem to do one about every other year. But when we do, we always hope they are a blessing to our listeners.  Since the last "big" evening event we did was in December of 2010, we thought it was about time to meet with you all again!

The purposes of our events are always multifaceted:

1) To make a time for us to get to meet with our listeners and supporters face to face - we talk to so many of you via phone, mail, or email, that it is always so great to get to meet with you in person, so you know what we look like, and vice versa!

2) The events provide an opportunity to replenish some of the funds we use furthering the broadcast and the ministry by donations, and things like silent auctions.

3) These types of get togethers also allow us to give you all, those who support us, a kind of "State of Compassion Ministries / Heart of the Word Radio" address, share with you our successes and challenges, let you know how you can pray for us, and also let you know a little bit about what the radio program (and ministry) you support means in the lives of others.

We will be looking for volunteers in several areas closer to the time of the event, but right now while we are still in the overall planning stages, we are asking if any of our people have the ability to assist us with food and/or desert.  If you do, and feel so led, we would be so happy to talk to you about that.

And even if you don't have the means or time to assist us with the event in some form, please do save the date (Friday, October 19th, at 6:45) and plan to come for an evening of fun and fellowship - we want to see you there!

Ron Mehl Jr

Director, Compassion Ministries / Heart of the Word Radio