Lux et Veritas
The Left Hand Page

By: Ron Mehl

"God be merciful to us, and bless us; and cause His face to shine upon us; that Your way may be know upon the earth, Your saving health among nations..." Psalm 67:1,2

I've heard the expression "Bless you" used in a variety of ways. I've sneezed and, following the explosion and spray, I've heard the words "Bless you" coming from an innocent party. I've sneezed again, and, instantly, I've heard the corresponding words, "Bless you." I was never really impressed; Frankly, I didn't need a blessing, I needed a Kleenex. Since then, I've come to understand the intention behind the expression... people use it to wish health to one another.

I don't think I've ever heard more talk about blessing than I have the past few years. People say, "May God bless you." "Lord, I ask you to bless them." "Father, may Your blessing's be theirs." Frankly, I've taken a serious look at the elements of blessing in the Bible, and what I've found has sobered my heart. Where there's true blessing:

1) God is glorified... because all blessing comes from Him;

2) You are edified... blessings are from Him to you, for your good;

3) Others are satisfied... because blessings come from God to you for your good, so that they can be given to others.

In Psalm 67:1,2, God's desired stream of blessing flowing in our lives is rooted in His purpose and plan to let blessing flow through our lives. The Bibilical formula for blessing is simple: the more faithful you are, the more God can bless you; the more He blesses you, the more potential there is in you to be a blessing; the more blessing that flows through your life, the more work there will be for you to do. God didn't say, "If you're faithful over a little, I'll give you a vacation," but instead, "I'll make you a ruler over much." Remember, God's heart is ever toward the nations. His passion is to touch this world and to do it through us.

President Reagen once said, "There is no stopping what a man can do if he doesn't care who gets the credit." What a difference it makes in our praying when every petition for a blessing if born out of a sincere desire to see the Lord make himself known to others. Ask Him to give you a heart for people, and to make you a source through which blessing can flow.

I'll promise you, you'll be blessed....