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When We All Get To Heaven
By: Pastor Ron Mehl

        During these days I find myself humming and singing, "When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be." I was always told when I was a boy that if you'll keep heaven in view, then your perspective on life will be right, and it will keep your personal life holy and pure.

        The subject of heaven is so often avoided, mainly because of the tremendous confusion and differing conceptions that so many raise. Some believers see it as kind of strumming on a harp, pie in the sky, hot fudge sundaes, and a "won't this be fun?" kind of place. Unbelievers often use it as a crutch of comfort to be used in the face of death. The Bible is clear we're not dealing with a fantasy or a dream, but a real place (John 14:1-3); not with a philosophical view, but a living reality.

       When you talk about heaven and look for the coming of Christ, it suggests you're saved and it reveals the priorities of your life. People who make heaven a priority want to go there because that's where the Lord is, and that's where all of their treasure is: their family and loved ones.

        Heaven will be wonderful because it's there we'll worship in perfect praise. We'll rest in God's presence. We'll serve Him forever and be served by Him forever. When you look toward heaven and know those things are true, it will purge your heart from selfish living and motivate you to a life of faithful, single-minded obedience to Christ.

        And, lastly, keeping your focus and heart on heaven will make you happy. You show me a person who is miserable and I'll show you someone whose mind and attention is focused on earthly things or this life alone. If you're looking for joy, look to heaven. If you want happiness, look to Christ (I Corinthians 15:19; II Corinthians 4:17; Psalm 89:15).

        Heaven has certain unchangeable features: It is unchangeable in its access - I John 3:1-2. Entrance into heaven is based on committed relationship with Jesus, the Lamb. John 1:29 leaves no doubt as to who the Lamb of God is: Jesus, who died for our sins (Revelation 5:8-13). It is unchangeable in its characteristics - Revelation 21:2-5; 22:1-5. There's no sickness or affliction, no tears, no death, no night, no sadness. You'll never be alone or lonely. You'll never need anything because you'll have everything. Heaven truly is a wonderful place. It is unchangeable in its experience - Revelation 22:4. "And they shall see His face," speaks of our exposure to and communion with Jesus, the Lord of our salvation. The presence of the Lord is the one thing that will make heaven so glorious, and it's forever and ever.

        I don't have an escapist mentality, but between you and me, I'm looking forward to heaven. We'll see our Lord there, our loved ones there, and our eternal home is there. I'm so glad that the glories of heaven can't be tarnished or eroded away by economic declines or governmental decisions. Heaven is built on something far more stable . . . it's called the eternal Word of our God.

Heaven is a wonderful place,