Lux et Veritas
"Light and Truth"

"Through the pages of Scripture the Lord shines His searching, probing light into all the areas of your life. His Word walks through every room of your soul. There are no closed doors to the Searcher of Hearts."

With this quote from our founder, Pastor Ron Mehl, we welcome you to the devotional section of the Compassion Ministries website. “Lux et Veritas” is Latin for “Light and Truth,” and it is here that together we will endeavor to open the door of our hearts to God’s probing light, as He reveals more and more of the endless riches of His Word.

In this corner of the website you will find what we have titled “The Left Hand Page.” During Pastor Ron’s tenure as shepherd of the Beaverton Foursquare Church, it was his practice to write a devotional each Sunday, which was printed on the inside cover – the literal left hand page - of the weekly bulletin. We hope these glimpses from his heart will be a special blessing to you as he reveals some of the things the Lord taught him during 37 years of public ministry.

In addition to the Left Hand Page, this is where in the future you will find Bible studies, personal letters to you from Compassion Ministries staff members, and general news regarding the ministry. This section will also include prayer requests from us regarding any special needs of the ministry of Compassion. Finally, it is here that we hope you will also share your needs with us so that our prayer team can stand with you in presenting these prayers before the Throne. And we’d love to hear any praise reports you have, too!

We want to be a blessing to you, and to get to know you better as well. Prayerfully, we will also all get to know Him better in the process! That’s really what it’s all about!

In Him,

Joyce Mehl