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Persistence in Prayer
By: Pastor Ron Mehl

One of the very stirring moments in Scripture is when Jacob wrestles with a visitor from heaven. His reward: the gift of a new identity. “You shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel; because as a prince you have power with God and man, and you have prevailed,” Genesis 32:28. Jacob’s confrontation with heaven is significant and its ramifications are seemingly endless. It relates the readiness of God to grant new dimensions of rulership to those who refuse to give up.

I don’t think the Lord is saying, “If you want anything, then wrestle Me to the ground and pry from My hands the gifts I have for you.” It does, however, teach that God is looking for those who will move with Him in the struggle for mankind. God is searching for those who will lay hold of prayer responsibilities and contend for the salvation of the world.

Persistence and diligence are not the reason for our salvation. Our acceptance has nothing to do with our own works. We are accepted in Him totally based on His blood and His finished work on the cross. The Lord has taught us much concerning His love toward us, but now calls us to a clearer focus upon how we function in the joy of giving that love away. And that’s where witnessing, service, love, intercession, faithfulness, and discipline come in.

God desires a people who will lay hold of specific things in prayer and bear down with that “bull-doggish bite” and the “holy hang-in-there” attitude that contends for souls and wrestles against the adversary until they see the glory of God prevail. That’s where we are, church: confident in our secure salvation, yet rising up in prayer to challenge the strongholds of the world. Our God reigns!

The Lord said He would expand our vision, add new dimensions of awareness, and broaden our understanding of intercessory prayer. He also said we would have a great impact not only on local, but also global, affairs because of our increased commitment to intercessory prayer.

Practicing prayer,