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12/11/2022 - Left Hand Page #10, second in the Christmas Series

"The Spirit of Christmas

You can call it nostalgia, sentimentalism, or seasonal emotion, but none of those terms answer to the sense of great joy and fulfillment I feel at this season. Some would say, 'Pastor, you're just an old man with visions of sugar plums.' For me, there's only one way to account for it.

Jesus lives at our house. The intense joy and anticipation I feel isn't ignited by a few commercial or artificial trimmings. I give all the credit for my fervor to a work of the Holy Ghost, who planted deeply in me as a child the seeds of excitement that Jesus was born for me. And being excited about it isn't pagan or ritualistic.

Our fireplace crackles with announcement, 'It's Christmas.' Knowing Christmas is a Person, you might see Christmas as a baby in a manger; or a twelve-year-old boy in the temple; a delivering Lord who is setting men free; or a healer who came to heal sick men and give vision to blind eyes; a resurrected Lord or a ruler reigning Christ. However you see Him, He's the spirit of Christmas and He lives at our house.

The touch that Jesus brings to Christmas is warm, personal, and miraculous. The Scripture says in Luke 2:11, 'For unto you is born this day..'

1) 'Unto you' - It's personal because the season is specifically designed with you in mind... not crowds, but you.

2) 'Is born' - It's miraculous because the Holy Spirit, not you, is conceiving the promise.

3) 'This day' - It's warm because God is wanting life to happen in you today. Delivery time is now.

The thrill and excitement isn't generated by candleight, fireside glow, or even tree ornaments and gifts. All of these are nice, but theyre not necessary.  The truth is, it's Him... Jesus. He's finding more opened inns these days. It's like being a kid again when you're in a celebrating mood. Santa Claus never steals the show.

Christmas brings us together as at all other times, yet together as at no other time of year. We're together not just at Christmas, yet especially at Christmas.

May your home experience something of His glory these days. I'm hopeful you will experience the thrill of thise season as never before. It requires only that we open our home. We've found the true Christmas. It's Him and He lives with us.

A happy innkeeper,

Ron Mehl"

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