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12/4/2022 - Left Hand Page #9 - first in Christmas series

Originally from a bulletin on 12/21/1997...

"Father Christmas

Most cultures seem to have a different name for Santa Claus. Kris Kringle and Father Christmas are commonly used to describe the spirit of Christmas. Well, whatever your view concerning Mr Claus may be, I want to settle one issue and it has to do with Father God. He is, of course, the real Father Christmas who birthed His Son that first Christmas morn, that by His redemptive work we might become sons and daughters of God.

God has manifested His Fatherliness in hundreds of ways as Jesus, His Son, has brought people like you and me to know Him as 'Abba-Father.' I've watched many Christmases come and go and, during those potentially joy-filled days, I've witnessed the wounded and broken lives of many who have been abused by the impact of sin and failure. It's taught me the human need we have for a real Father. Everyone needs a Dad, and none of us have been fathered by a sinless one. However dear, or however cruel, the answer to our deepest need of a "Father" is never found in an earthly parent alone.

The Christmas message is: "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son" (John 3:16). But that Son, Jesus, said He was there to show us the Father (John 14:7), and to make a way back to Him. There is a crucial perspective and balancing truth which is worthy of our understanding this season. It's that the real Father of Christmas sent His Son to save sinners (I Timothy 1:5) and to reconcile us to Himself (I Peter 3:18).

I'm hopeful this Christmas will find you enjoying the benefits of God's original intent for the season: (1) that you know the joyful rest of sins forgiven through the life-gift of God, Jesus His Son, and (2) that you discover and abide in the comfort and assurance of the Father's embracing arms about you.

The reality of God being the real Father Christmas is more than a truth to be believed; it's an example to be followed. Following in His footsteps does cause one to be stretched at times. It's a fact of life that you can't give if you don't receive. Let me suggest several things our Heavenly Father offers this Christmas that you might consider receiving, for He is:

(1) Destroyer of evil,

(2) the Liberator of those bound,

(3) a Counselor for those confused,

(4) an Anchor of Strength in weakness,

(5) a Friend to the lonely,

(6) a Rock on which to stand,

(7) a Pillar of Hope for the hopeless,

(8) a River of Life for those who thirst,

and (9) a Tower of Strength for the weak.

May the real Father of Christmas fill your season with His glory and peace.

If perchance you're not part of the Family, it's as simple as being born, In fact, thats the way it happens... by being born again. Don't let this Christmas pass without asking God to be your Father by receiving Jesus Christ, His Son.

One of the Father's children,

Ron Mehl"

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