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A message from Joyce Mehl regarding the current crisis

There’s a lot of talk about fear and peace right now. Even the world is trying to tell us not to fear - while often in the very same breath telling us how dire things are! I don’t know about you, but comfort from the world doesn't do much for me. But, there is One Who talks about peace and fear Who does bring me comfort. John 14:27 says: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. not as the world gives do I give. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”
These are the words of the One Who can bring peace and take away fear. These are the words of Jesus. His words are words we can trust, not the words of man. But it is up to us to receive this peace. As he directs us, we must not let our hearts be fearful or troubled. Instead, we must focus on Jesus and let His words fill our minds and hearts. So many are hurting and fearful for even the next few days - will we be able to pay our mortgages, will we have jobs when this is over, will our loved ones be healthy and safe. Remember, He is the only One Who can bring true and lasting peace and comfort.
We at Compassion Ministries want to encourage you in this way. We are all such busy people, with busy lives, but right now most of us find ourselves in a period of being on hold. We are home, sometimes with not much to do - which is a perfect opportunity for worry to creep in. So we would encourage you to take this unexpected time to spend time with Him. Sometimes life is so busy, we have so many reasons NOT to spend as much time with Him as we should, or might like. But right now, in our forced solitude, we encourage you all to spend moments seeking Him. Use this situation to draw close to Him, to lean on Him, to ask Him for direction, to hear from Him.
We also encourage you to come together in prayer for that smaller segment of the population who is INCREDIBLY busy right now… the civic leaders, first responders, medical personal, grocery store workers, those who continue to prepare food for us, those who are still delivering all the things we need and so much more. Pray for them, that the Lord will give them strength and direction in this time as well. That in the midst of all the things they are seeing daily that the rest of us will never know, they would experience His peace too.
We want to thank you today for your part in continuing to help us send out words of Truth from Jesus daily, whatever the circumstances. And we also want you to know that we are praying especially (and specifically) for you! May God continue to care for your every need as He does so faithfully.
Joyce Mehl

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A message from Joyce Mehl regarding the current crisis
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