Projects we support

At Compassion Ministries, we do not accept funds for anything other than to cover the costs of the "Heart of the Word" radio broadcast, except under certain circumstance of particular need (such as natural disaster relief, etc.), which would be clearly delineated, or when specifically earmarked by the contributor.

That having been said, Pastor Ron’s original vision for Compassion Ministries was that it would be a resource from which to draw in order to bless struggling young pastors, local churches, and missionaries; to assist with missions projects worldwide; and to generally further the communication of the Gospel of Jesus.

Out of a desire to be true to this vision, as funding permits, Compassion Ministries provides assistance to many organizations and individuals who are in the service of Christ, including: orphanages and schools in Asia and Africa; homeless shelters and outreaches in the United States; recovery and healing of children from prostitution; inner-city adult literacy programs; emergency and crisis relief; missionaries in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South America; evangelists, missions and outreaches worldwide. In fact, all of the organizations on our "Links" page are ones we have partnered with in one way or another.

Please «read more» about some of the organizations that we here at Compassion Minitries believe in, and support the best we are able; most of them can also be found on our “Links/Resources” page.